Gobsmacked by Goodstock

Okay, enough about Russian classical musicians and snarky critics for a while. This morning my friends at West Virginia Public Broadcasting breathlessly announced a big ’60s-revival festival called Goodstock 2007 — coming this July to the burg of Summersville, West Virginia. Turns out that ’60s psychedelic and proto-Christian band the Mind Garage originated in my adopted home state, and now they’ve re-formed and hooked up with original Woodstock impresario Artie Kornfeld:

“Over the years since 1969 there have been attempts to re-create Woodstock. They had the acts and had the stage but they did not have the Goodstock2007 feeling of reliving a moment when all good came together through music as one. They never got back to the Garden at those events. I believe Goodstock 2007 to be the first real attempt to have another 3 days of peace and music. I feel magic AGAIN.

So sayeth Artie. Sayeth the Goodstock website:
The Mind Garage returns with all the original members and dozens of 60’s and 70’s bands from New York to California. Experience the music, rock culture, peace and brotherhood of the era with the bands and fans from Boston to Berkeley who were there the first time. Goodstock 2007 is for families and all ages. The event will begin with the opening of Goodstock Village, as a festival of the sixties with vendors of 60`s memorabilia, exhibits of the era clothing and band attire, a 60’s museum style exhibit, bands performing continually, plus the re-creation of a famous 60’s San Francisco Ballroom with a light show at the Summersville Arena. A great time for all ages. Camp in the Village or stay in nearby hotels. The Village will accommodate bands and fans from nearly every state in the USA, and from any other country, that has declared an interest in a casual celebration. Meet contemporaries and recapture the spirit of the times past.

They’re not kidding about “times past.” Booked to appear: Jefferson Starship, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Iron Butterfly, David LaFlamme (founder of It’s A Beautiful Day), and Nick Gravenites, one of the original members of the Electric Flag. (Hey, where’s Moby Grape and Country Joe McDonald? Or Circus Maximus?) Haven’t thought about these bands in years, though I still have their LPs. (The whole Goodstock lineup is listed here.) I’m trying to wrap my brain around what this is going to look/sound/be like. Curious, and somewhat frightened, and reminded why my loving family tells me I’m a “living relic of a bygone era…”

Just out of curiosity, I Mapquested the distance from RoeDeo Worldwide Headquarters to Summersville. Yes, we may be in the same state, but it turns out that its a greater distance to get to the Goodevening Ranch in Summersville (site of Goodstock 2007) than to Max Yasgur’s old farm in Bethel, NY. And that distance may be greater than mere miles…

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