Meanwhile, back in Cleveland

Maybe this is why the Tribe lost: What’s up with that ridiculous mascot? That’s what the Christian Science Monitor wanted to know last week.

So when you watch the Cleveland Indians on television this week, watch your kids as well. Ask yourself what the image of Chief Wahoo teaches them about Native Americans. And ask yourself if you can live with the answer.

The hometown paper has even been forced to take notice:

Leaders in Cleveland’s American Indian community are excited that the city’s baseball team has returned to the playoffs, but they are loath to see someone else making a comeback:

Chief Wahoo, the Indians’ grinning, red-faced mascot.

The once-fading emblem is suddenly everywhere, they say, clearing a path for other Wild West stereotypes…..

If, as the pundits say, the Indians will be back in the postseason next year, will they be willing to bring Chief Wahoo along again?

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