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UPDATED:  Wow, the world has changed a bit – and so have I! – since I last updated this FIVE YEARS AGO.  Whoops.  Turns out many of these links are no longer active, including death, disinterest, retirement, and re-direction. Oh yeah, and there’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…

So, that said, here’s an *updated* list of some of the bloggers, blaggers, (great British term that pre-dates and oddly anticipates the Interwebs) cranks and commentators, ditzes and deep thinkers that I like to follow. I’ve also tossed in some of the web sites and other online destinations that I use. Now, tell me, who/what am I missing?

Musicians & Musicheads

  • somevelvetblog.png  Bruce Warren – Some Velvet Blog – from the music-crazed mind of the WXPN PD.  He says he doesn’t get classical, I barely understand half the stuff he writes about, but I am entertained nonetheless….
  • Dr. NAN   Dr. N.A.N.’s Blog  – “News, Views, and how the world skews from San Antonio, Texas”
  • Think Denk.png  Think Denk – “The glamorous life and thoughts of a concert pianist.”  Jeremy Denk, a Macarthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient, (and, it must be noted, a former Performance Today Young Artist in Residence)  hasn’t updated in a while, but that’s all right…we have a lot of catching up to do…

Critics, Writers & Commentators (not all about music)

Web & Music Tech

  • Mustech – “Sorting out Music, Technology and Education- Simple.”

Deep Thoughts

Radio, Music & Media Industry Insiders

Media Links, Radio Shows’n’Stations

Staying Connected: DC, WV, NC, NH, VT, etc….

On Beyond Music: Art, History, Pop Culture, and Stupidity


Concert Series, Festivals, Presenters, Projects

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