Required Reading: How The Beatles Went Viral

Easily the longest article I’ve ever seen in Billboard, but absolutely riveting. Further proof that the Fab Four virtually invented the “modern” music industry (at least, pre-Interwebs).   And, it must be said, rather humbling for us Cranky Old Farts who speak dismissively about the noisy music of the young ‘uns….to read how Jack Paar, Edwin Newman, Chet Huntely, etc. were so dismissive of that which they did not bother to understand gives you pause.   Talk about lazy reporting.

Then there’s the Sinatra-loving Capitol Records A & R man who turned down the “Dead in the Water” Beatles no fewer than FOUR times for US release…..oh yeah, and still kept his job!   Read it and weep….

How the Beatles Went Viral: Blunders, Technology & Luck Broke the Fab Four in America

On the Other Hand: Radio Necrology

This story, on the other hand, gives me the creeps: From Sirius Satellite Radio comes the announcement that Frank Sinatra will “host” his own radio show:

“The Chairman’s Hour” is ‘hosted’ by Frank Sinatra himself using rare material culled from the Sinatra family archives. The show, spanning decades, is reflective of his body of work, emotional composition, and respect for those who he collaborated with personally and professionally.

Guess that some producers will be logging some serious studio hours to create Siriusly Sinatra. Do you suppose the Chairman will be doing his own liners and promos too? In fact, I’ll bet that conversation has already taken place…