Snow Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don’t need to tell me…been quite a few Days since you last heard from the RoeDeo. It’s not for lack of things to discuss, mind you…but I’ve been on the go a lot recently investigating all sorts of interesting things in the music & media world. So a snow day in Denver is a good time to catch up a bit. In addition to it being way below zero today in the Mile High city, this city is suffering from serious snow fatigue – with at least one snowstorm a week for the last seven weeks. Which means, among other things, that it has cost a million dollars a week to scrape the city’s streets – at the rate of 100 blocks a day. For the RoeDeo, that meant a pretty hairy drive down from Aspen yesterday – The portion of I-70 that winds through the Colorado Rockies is arguably one of the most scenic interstates in the country, but the scenary ain’t what’s on your mind when there are semis scattered all over the road in front of you! Hmm…Come to think of it, I wonder if I-70 is a candidate for “most frequently closed interstate highway” crown – besides all the snow here, a quick Google search of “I-70 Closed” reveals a flaming mail truck in Manhattan, Kansas; an on-ramp in St. Louis, and even some ice and fog in Frederick, MD, (near the RoeDeo Productions World Headquarters), just in the last few days. Other candidates?

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