The Power of the Users

A friend turned me on to a new blogger today – Buzzmachine, from the mind/pen of Jeff Jarvis. He’s got a great commentary today about the silliness of Viacom (and the Oscars) demanding their video clips be pulled from YouTube. (uh, oh, is the RoeDeo in trouble? Just where did that photo of The Three Amigos come from?) Sample Grab:
If I had the Oscars or Viacom …here’s what I’d do to deal with — no, to exploit and profit from — the inevitable trend toward your audience promoting and distributing your content:
The first goal is to get the audience to pick and recommend your best stuff. That’s free promotion.
The second goal is to make money from advertising, either on the clips themselves or on the pages and videos people come to because they saw the clips.
So I’d work with YouTube et al …to enable viewers to pick out segments in the middle of video. And then I’d let them to post those segments on any of the sharing services that enable me to attach ads and make money. So say the Oscars are up at and you can watch them there — and earn the Academy and the network more ad revenue with every click.
My Jarvis grab wouldn’t be complete without noting his typically-pithy Dave Winer grab:
It seems the entertainment industry doesn’t recognize the power of its users. They’re accustomed to dealing with artists and other companies, esp really large ones, but they haven’t learned how to negotiate with the users, and that’s who they have to deal with, if they want a future.
Yes, already my blog is reduced to quoting a blogger quoting another blogger. How lame is that?

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