Pas De Dirt

Now THIS is a story that made me smile – and I wish I’d seen it! Forget street theatre – how about street ballet? From the mind of Genius grantee Liz Lerman and her Dance Exchange, collaborating with Bowen McCauley Dance comes Pas De Dirt, an “industrial dance” program combining ballerinas and bulldozers. Well, Bobcats, actually – those invaluable mini-dozers that are the rental product of choice for backyard builders. So on Sunday, while the real construction sites around DC were idle, a couple of Bobcat drivers earned a little overtime, swaying to Swan Lake, and flanked by dancers in hardhats, and ballerinas in tutus made of PVC pipe:

The Bobcats were mostly relegated to the rear, but like ambitious members of any corps de ballet, they didn’t hide back there. In fact, the little diesel divas stole the show, rumbling forward as the music crested, lifting their buckets in a slow port de bras and then, with a nimble flick of steel, pouring out lilies onto the crosswalk. How sweet!

Their surprises were not over: Backing up (beep, beep), and with practiced sleight-of-bucket, they then revealed a pair of intrepid dancers within their maws dangling in daring arabesques.

That’s some stylish writing by Sarah Kaufman – read the entire Washington Post article here. So, out of curiosity, I went to YouTube, and sure enough, a passerby posted a clip: (For slightly more disturbing dance’n’dozers, you can also check out this YouTube clip..

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