Not so Far Fetched….

I tells ya, It’s a gen-yooo-ine Kultural Phenomenon….two more references to Guitar Hero in the Sunday funnies today, both in Berkeley Breathed’s Opus (“Guitar Hero Claims Another Victim”) and Bill Amend’s Foxtrot:

chamber music hero

Now, I don’t know Bill Amend from Adam, but he seems to be a pretty culturally-engaged guy – his strip seems to be a little more “tuned in” in a way that isn’t embarrassingly, entertainingly, or tragically unhip (see “Circus, Family,” “Menace, Dennis the,” or the all-time champion “Trail, Mark”). Amend has shown up in this space before, and by reading his interesting and refreshingly transaprent blog you discover that he’s a bit of a Mac-loving techno-geek…even appearing on Tech TV. More on THAT in a later post, but for now, Amend’s Sunday strip makes me more determined than ever to get the Guitar Hero controller in front of my academic colleagues at UT-Austin. Seeing the spike in guitar sales that’s happened since the electronic game was introduced, I don’t think the concept of a “Chamber Music Hero” – type teaching game is all that far-fetched.

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