Montani Semper Liberi….

Or, “One Commie Waffle, hold the Parfait…”

In the Morning News from the Mountain State:

KFC employee accused of stealing 16 ice creams

By SHERREE GREBENSTEIN / Journal Staff Writer MARTINSBURG — West Virginia State Police arrested an Inwood man Sunday after he allegedly took about 16 parfaits from the freezer of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant where he was working, records show.

As of press time, Kevin Lee Morris remained in Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of $2,500 bond, said a spokesperson at the Martinsburg facility.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Senior Trooper Z.L. Nine of the West Virginia State Police, Martinsburg Detachment, Morris is charged with a second offense felony petit larceny and might face one year in the penitentiary

Nine responded to a call Sunday regarding a larceny at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Hovatter Drive in Inwood. The manager advised him that Morris had taken about 16 parfaits from the restaurant’s freezer and put them in a compartment on his red mo-ped and then came back into the restaurant.

The 16 parfaits were valued at about $32.

Morris reportedly admitted to taking the sweet treats and placing him in the mo-ped, but advised the trooper that he wanted to pay for them later

No firearms, no business

By Jacob “Ross” Palmer

For many years, Waffle House has used the slogan “America’s favorite place to eat. America’s favorite place to work.” Since their recent ban of guns on their Inwood premises, I think that a slogan such as “America’s unsafe, communist place to eat and work” would be more fitting.

Waffle House’s no firearm policy makes the Inwood restaurant, (which) is already notorious for petty crime and trouble-makers, even more unsafe and invites criminals to take advantage of the defenseless establishment.

In the fantasy world of Waffle House, innocent, helpless and unarmed patrons and employees denied of their rights are kept safe and protected from the criminal, robber and insane gunman that lurks outside by a small sign on a glass door that reads “NO FIREARMS.” If signs stopped crime, we wouldn’t need police.

If you would like to blindly feel safe, I urge you to dine at this local place and perhaps enjoy a communist waffle with hash browns.Mon

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