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It’s the first day of Spring on the Calendar, and time to celebrate with some shades of happiness.  First up, the brilliant opening credits to Portlandia, the wacky ode to…

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I’ve been thinking for several days now about what I could say about Pete Seeger that hasn’t already been said, seen, or heard. Certainly it is impossible to overstate his…

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Think piece I wrote for WCRB Classical New England for this rather remarkable day on the calendar…\ November Numerology: JFK and the Musical Meaning of 11/22

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Not quite one year to the day it was published, funnyman writer Gene Weingarten‘s celebrated story about Joshua Bell busking in the Washington Metro wound up as one of six…

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I tells ya, It’s a gen-yooo-ine Kultural Phenomenon….two more references to Guitar Hero in the Sunday funnies today, both in Berkeley Breathed’s Opus (“Guitar Hero Claims Another Victim”) and Bill…

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