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It Ain’t Over ‘Til Its Over, Pt. 1: The Cassette Comeback…. R.I.P. iPod: Sony unveils cassette tape that can hold 64,750,000 songs

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I’ve been an admirer of Seth Godin for a while. His book “Small Is the New Big,” (among others) is one of the seminal publications of the so-called Web 2.0…

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Noticed that the top e-mailed story from the entire Washington Post site the other today was regular radio columnist Marc Fisher’s latest Report from the RIAA front, containing this loaded…

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…both in the “music discovery” category (sometimes called “Music 2.0”) are worth investigating: First is a site called MOG “a music asylum run by its inmates,” (with a tip o’the’cyberpen…

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Activision Reports Sluggish Sales For Sousaphone Hero .onion_embed {background: rgb(256, 256, 256) !important;border: 4px solid rgb(65, 160, 65);border-width: 4px 0 1px 0;margin: 10px 30px !important;padding: 5px;overflow: hidden !important;zoom: 1;}.onion_embed img…

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