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Arts & Culture Boston Classical Music Composers Concerts Conservatories History Politics

Look no further than yesterday’s speech by Obama for proof of the long-lasting global impact of “The War to End All Wars,” which started 100 years ago.  Enough that some…

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Great love fest and concert last night for the ever-dignified and charismatic Harry Belafonte, the “High School drop out getting an Honorary Degree from Berklee.”  At the age of 87,…

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When shall we get ourselves a Washington To promulgate his new and righteous law? But someday we shall surely find the man! Taras Shevchenko, 1848 Witnessing the dramatic events happening…

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I’ve been thinking for several days now about what I could say about Pete Seeger that hasn’t already been said, seen, or heard. Certainly it is impossible to overstate his…

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Think piece I wrote for WCRB Classical New England for this rather remarkable day on the calendar…\ November Numerology: JFK and the Musical Meaning of 11/22

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Nice to see Dave Brubeck get a well-deserved honor yesterday…the legendary jazzman came to Washington DC to honored with the Ben Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy – a sort of “lifetime achievement” award for Americans going abroad…and he plays a moving Chopinesque piece, inspired by a long-ago trip to Poland..

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