Born on Jan. 6th

So, out of morbid curiosity upon becoming a semi-centurion (and not, the dreaded AARP mailing hasn’t shown up yet!), I wondered what other music types were born on Twelfth Night: This is what I found, mostly thanks to the so-called “intelligence aggegator”

Maurice Abravanel
Conductor 6-Jan-1903 22-Sept.-1993 Music Director, Utah Symphony 1947-1979
Syd Barrett Singer, songwriter, guitarist
6-Jan-1946 7-Jul-2006 Pink Floyd
Max Bruch Composer 6-Jan-1838 2-Oct-1920 Kol Nidrei
Earl Kim
6-Jan-1915 19-Nov-1998 Violin Concerto
Van McCoy Musician 6-Jan-1940 6-Jul-1979 The Hustle
Johnny O’Keefe Musician 6-Jan-1935 6-Oct-1978 King of Australian rock and roll
Earl Scruggs Musician 6-Jan-1924 Bluegrass banjo pioneer
Don Sickler
trumpet, arranger, composer, record producer 6-Jan-1944 Nightwatch
Alan Stivell Musician 06-Jan-1944 Breton/Celtic harpist
Alex Turner Singer 6-Jan-1986 Lead singer, Arctic Monkeys
Jack Varney Banjoist, Guitarist
6-Jan-1918 Aussie Jazz pioneer
Kim Wilson Harmonica, bass, vocals
6-Jan-1951 Fabulous Thunderbirds
Malcolm Young Guitarist 6-Jan-1953 Rhythm guitar for AC/DC

Beyond music, a few other famous names jumped out at me, including (so some sources claim) the Benjamin that It’s All About:

Gilbert Arenas Basketball 6-Jan-1982 Washington Wizards
Rowan Atkinson Actor 6-Jan-1955 Blackadder, Mr. Bean
John DeLorean Business 6-Jan-1925 19-Mar-2005 Automobile designer and entepreneur
E. L. Doctorow Author 6-Jan-1931 Ragtime, The Book of Daniel
Benjamin Franklin Diplomat 6-Jan-1706 17-Apr-1790 American founding father
Khalil Gibran Poet 6-Jan-1883 10-Apr-1931 The Prophet
Louis Harris Business 6-Jan-1921 Pollster, Louis Harris and Associates
Lou Holtz Football 6-Jan-1937 Head Coach, South Carolina, 1999-2004
Victor Horta Architect 6-Jan-1861 9-Sep-1947 Art Nouveau architect
Joan of Arc Religion 6-Jan-1412 30-May-1431 Visionary burned at the stake
Nigella Lawson Chef 6-Jan-1960 UK’s domestic goddess
Anthony Minghella Film Director 6-Jan-1954 The English Patient
Tom Mix Actor 6-Jan-1880 12-Oct-1940 Old-time silent movie cowboy
Sun Myung Moon Religion 6-Jan-1920 Head Moonie
Sam Rayburn Politician 6-Jan-1882 16-Nov-1961 Speaker of the US House, 1940-61
King Richard II Royalty 6-Jan-1367 14-Feb-1400 King of England 1377-99
Carl Sandburg Author 6-Jan-1878 22-Jul-1967 Illinois poet, Lincoln biographer
John Singleton Film Director 6-Jan-1968 Boyz N the Hood
Charles “Cane” Sumner Politician 6-Jan-1811 11-Mar-1874 Anti-slavery Senator from Massachusetts
Danny Thomas Actor 6-Jan-1914 6-Feb-1991 Make Room For Daddy
Alan Watts Philosopher 6-Jan-1915 16-Nov-1973 Zen beat counterculture sage
Bob Wise Politician 6-Jan-1948 Governor of West Virginia, 2001-05

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